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About Us

Wisconsin Akita and Friends Rescue is a non-profit, large dog rescue located in southeastern Wisconsin, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of large breed dogs with an emphasis on Akitas. We are compromised of a handful of volunteers and foster homes that have come together because of the compassion we share for dogs in need. With so many of them sitting alone in the local shelters due to (but not limited to) behavioral issues, neglect, abandonment, or just being a stray, we do are best to rehabilitate and placed each dog in the right forever home. In addition to rehabilitating and placing these wonderful dogs, we also dedicate our efforts to educating the public, including (but not limited to) the importance of spaying and neutering, proper nutrition, wrongful breed discrimination, the problem of backyard breeding, puppy mills and behavioral information. Each dog undergoes a thorough health exam including heartworm test, blood work, physical exam, spayed or neutered, brought up to date on all required shots and is micro chipped before placement. 

Wisconsin Akita Rescue Inc. Board of Directors
President - Cary Hartnell - AKC CGC Evaluator
Director – Susan Voss – RN
Director – Annette Hanke – Animal Behavior College graduate
AKC CGC Evaluator


ARRIVAL - Once an animal comes into our rescue, they are given a physical and physiological exam, wormed, vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and live in a Foster Home (when available) until a suitable home can be found for the animal. We euthanize terminally ill or excessively aggressive dogs only.

ADOPTION - All applicants are subject to screening, including, but not limited to, adoption application, home visit, personal references and veterinarian references. The new owner must be experienced with a large working breed dog or be willing to learn. The dog must be provided with a fenced yard, kennel run or regular leash walking regime, protection from the weather, the basics of life (food and water), regular veterinary care, a sturdy collar and leash and a license must be purchased within the first 4 weeks of ownership. Due to the sheer size of some of the dogs, no dog is placed in a home with resident children under the age Care for your best friendof 10.

TRAINING - We offer advice on behavior problems ranging from destructive chewing to fear aggression. Trainers are available for emergency calls. There is no charge for this service. If you require more assistance, such as a home visit, you will be asked to make a donation.

RETURN - If for any reason it isn’t working out or the dog has runaway, we do require the dog be brought back to us and chips do remain registered to WAR.





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